About us

Dear Collegues!

  Why "collegues"? Here is the answer: we're very similar to you and our life is truck repair business where we went through all of career steps from electric/mechanic/diagnostic professions to owners and senior managers of workshops. Here we go, team of four independent servicemans and best friends since 2004. Just believe: we know almost everything about truck repair. Before we got into workshop everyone had lot of experience in programming (e.g. high places in ACM-ICPC contests) or high graduation in software development. Of course, we apply this knowledge every day in all sides of our life, primary to improve existing tools for our work. Now we got together to start new big project. "DrunkLab" - being said in jest during the International Serviceman Summit in 2013 it became the name of our team. 

Nice to meet you and welcome!

  We are the team of independent hardware and software developers. Our mission is building of the easiest to use, the fastest, the safest and the most reliable tools for ECM software tuning. 

   Certainly, this is commercial project. Simply after we developed and hardly tested new product we store it here in Official DrunkLab Online Shop and simultaneously inform our dealers about new good or service. Going to become a dealer? Welcome! Just email us: introduce yourself and describe your possibilities in this market. Feel free to contact us in any case, remember that we're collegues with you and we always find a common language.

  But... Please read carefully our sales policy to avoid misunderstandings in future.

What we sell:

  ►Remote ECM reprogramming/tuning. Most popular jobs are described in our shop. Want something exclusive? Contact us!.

  ►Hardware for ECM tuning and/or parameter emulation. For example, famous "metal boxes" for Volvo CE and US10 trucks or our favorite "Mochara".

  ►Diagnostic tools compatable with OEM software.

What we DON'T sell:

  ►Software tools for PC. Free or no way - that is the rule. If you found somebody selling our tools don't pay him! In best case this tool can be found for free, in worst -  you receive nothing for your money. Be careful. Although we are young team we know many attempts of using our brand name with fraud intents. Also very often we receive suggestions to sell our tools for internal use (like server parts for Mochester 1 and 2). Why we don't sell it? Just for make our clients sure: when you see working Mochester at your laptop there's a real approved DrunkLab engineer working at other side. If you still believe that you are ready to spend lot of money and buy these tools we can only offer you to buy the whole project with all copyrights, source codes, production documentation, this DrunkLab site, this shop, client base, equipment and staff. We will easily get into new projects and leave this market for you.

  ►OEM diagnostic software. We are developers, but not pirates. We don't break the laws. Please never ask us for software activation. 


  ►OEM literature, EPC.

  ►Remote diagnostic service.

  ►Fault codes description.

We are always opened for new ideas, partnership and even collaboration. Remember that we can develop exclusive solutions with outstanding quality with your support only! Support doesn't mean investings or donations, don't worry about it, hi-hi.

Thank you for attention!

Sincerely yours,

  ►Sergey Belyanin (aka Sj, Diagtruck): Ivanovo, Russia

  ►Ilia Zolotkov (aka ZOTT, Antidelaer, Mavrodi): Yaroslavl, Russia

  ►Stanislav Vakhnov (aka Stasbug): Odessa, Ukraine

  ►Dmitry Babychenko (aka Voronnn, NetSV): Kremenchug, Ukraine