First in the World! Volvo/renault Trucks version 3 and 4 remote tuning.

DrunkLab announcing new kind of remote programming service.

     We developed and tested the new tool Mochester2. Based on same engine as the first version of Mochester it lets us to edit FLASH memory content "on the fly" in any ECU of your new Volvo/Renault/UD truck or CE.

System requirements:

  ►Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

  ►RP1210C communication interface (88890020, VoCom, Nexiq, Noregon, DPA, Inline6, and many others)

  ►TeamViewer 11 or higher (download latest version here)

We don't need TechTool or TechTool2 installed. You can use it optionally to control fault codes and other conditions after our reprogramming.

Key features:

  ►High programming speed. It is more dependent on your Internet connection speed than on vehicle communication speed. For example, reprogramming of EMS takes 2 minutes with LAN connection to Internet. Just compare it with PTT reprogramming speed.

  ►Full support of all current and further Volvo control units.

  ►The safest reprogramming algorithm in the world. Interrupting of connection (to Internet or vehicle) at ANY stage of programming will NOT kill the control unit.

  ►Partial reprogramming support. We never erase all ECM memory!

  ►FLASH content upload option. We can save your original software before reprogramming.

Typical applications:

  ► Volvo/Renault/UD Euro6 aftertreatment (AdBlue+DPF) disable tuning

  ►Volvo FH4 Euro5 AdBlue (SCR) disable tuning

Coming soon:

  ►Volvo VN US14 aftertreatment disable

  ►Volvo CE 2014 and later DPF/SCR disable

Non-typical application:

  ►Suggest your own one!

Impossible? We don't make you believe, we just tune trucks...


what brands are being developed?