How to become your dealer?
Write your request to [email protected] Don't be afraid, we have very democratic rules for our dealers.
Where can I read more about your products?
Visit our shop https://drunklabstore.com
Can I copy product descriptions and use this info for my own site?
Yes, but remember about copyrights. Put the DrunkLab trademark or link to this site into any copied article
What is your warranty policy?
Usually this is D3LW - DrunkLab Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers all possible quality issues of our products, but doesn't cover user faults or mistakes and legal incompatibility. Please read the descriptions of our products carefully.
Can you share your dealer list?
No, sorry. All that we can say you is quantity of dealers in the specified country.
Who is Exclusive Regional Dealer marked in some product descriptions?
This is person or company who makes very big orders (100+ pcs at once) and helps us in development process providing an access to new kinds of vehicles/machines by our request. They have the same discount as all dealers, but protected by DrunkLab Regional policy (we ship our products only to Exclusive Regional Dealer in his country)
Why DrunkLab? This is not very serious!
Many things in our life are not serious...